Betty's Funeral Service

Betty in San Francisco

My mother Betty passed away Friday night and her service is Saturday at 2pm at the Kingwood Funeral Home. This is one of my favorite pictures of her with her mother and my brother David in downtown San Francisco.

Growing up, I always remember that there was a set of golf clubs in the garage but it seemed like they were never used. Luckily, this week, I listened to a Christmas audio message from 1971 that my parents had sent to my grandparents. My mom said that the day before, Baxter had taken her to the golf course at Heather Farm and they golfed nine holes. She said on the first hole, she amused several bystanders trying to get out of the sand trap and they decided to quit keeping score from there. She said she learned golf was not her sport and would find something else. She did find tennis. I was glad to play that sport with her and the family.