Challenging Orwellian Language

A week ago, I made a post about the bizarre use of the phrase “right to self-defense” and today Ta-Nehisi Coates addressed this phrase.

I keep hearing this term repeated over and over again: “the right to self-defense.” What about the right to dignity? What about the right to morality? What about the right to be able to sleep at night? Because what I know is, if I was complicit — and I am complicit — in dropping bombs on children, in dropping bombs on refugee camps, no matter who’s there, it would give me trouble sleeping at night. And I worry for the souls of people who can do this and can sleep at night.

Irwin: Dabbling with ActivityPub

It has been a year since I have blogged about my IndieAuth server Irwin. Prior to that, in Minimum Viable IndieAuth Server, I explained my motivation for starting the project. In the same spirit, I would like an activitypub server as simple to understand as possible. I thought it might be interesting to add the activitypub and webfinger support to an IndieAuth server so I have created an experimental branch ap_wip. An important part of this development has been writing specs. For example, here are my specs for handling the “Move” command, an important Mastodon feature.

I still have about half a dozen items to do before I consider dogfooding this branch but hopefully I can do that soon.

Orwellian Language

The “right to self-defense” is a bizarre one. The exclusive application of such a right infers that others do not have that right. It seems that we should be questioning language like this if there is to be any hope for peace.