Indieweb Summit 2019 Thoughts

Day 1 Pic

Thanks to Aaron Parecki, the Indieweb Summit 2019 videos have been posted to the Internet Archive which includes the day 1 keynotes, intros and sessions and the day 2 sessions and demos.

I really enjoyed the teamwork of the Possible Futures session as we broke out into 4 groups and our group had the opportunity to discuss surveillance capitalism. I also enjoyed talking with Johannes Ernst about the latest plans for UBOSbox. I also attended the AutoAuth session but private posts, although important, don’t seem like a natural fit with Indieweb building blocks to me. I could be wrong. After day 1, some of us attended Dat night which was great.

There were a lot of good day 2 demos. Displaying a live list of sites you subscribe to with your reader which was done by Jonathan Lacour looked great. For my demo, I made this site available on the Dat network which you can access with Beaker browser at dat:// I have installed a Dat service on my rackspace server which will keep a copy of my site on the Dat network:

$ dat store dat://b8ffbddeac2c7eec8b60f1d33774f515f47affe4bef0ad6fec15bc0c6cb1ad78

Indieweb Summit seemed even better organized this year and I mentioned some of what I considered improvements at Austin Homebrew Website Club this week for consideration at the next IndiewebCamp Austin.