IndiewebCamp Austin Thoughts

Day 1 Pic As expected, the day one schedule for IndiewebCamp Austin included a variety of cool sessions like p2p websites with Dat with Beaker Browser which allows you to easily create and share content without having to worry about server-side hosting and for those who like to worry about server-side hosting, there was Web Hosting and Migration.

On project day, I investigated two hosting providers for wordpress for the purpose of integrating with an indieweb reader. It was great that Aaron Parecki and David Shanske were around to help. As a Jekyll user, I don’t really have any skin in the game as far as needing a wordpress solution but it was a good learning exercise and I hope to document something soon.

It was also great seeing people experimenting with totally different platforms I’ve never heard of rather than the well-known ones.

Thanks Manton for organizing another IndiewebCamp!