Indieweb Summit 2018 Thoughts

There seemed to be a theme of inclusivity at Indieweb Summit 2018. The session How can we encourage diversity on the Indieweb? was very helpul. It was noted that for tech event attendance, it’s good to have a wingman so try to bring someone who otherwise might not attend on their own. Although harassment is prevalent on Twitter and Facebook, it was noted that the nice thing about Indieweb is that you can delete these people from your online life yourself.

In his keynote, author William Hertling said “If the Indieweb is going to change the world, it means building larger scale services.” In addition to being in this spirit, seems to capture William’s wish for revenue models without advertising.

A special thanks to Aaron Parecki for the extremely helpful Indieauth and Micropub session on Day 2 just prior to projects.