Internet Archive preserves SXSW 2008 Facebook Developer Garage article

SXSW 2008 Facebook Developer Garage

Austin’s first Facebook Developer Garage was 10 years ago at SXSW Interactive and Gawker article Mark Zuckerberg Developer Q&A provided a recap of the event including Zuckerberg revealing that “we’re not openly working with governments” (nudge nudge wink wink) in the context of user privacy.

Update: Oh, I just realized the url for the gawker article was changed and is now available here. In any case, the Internet Archive was the resource that helped me find it.

Commemorating the Life of Rick Simon

Rick Simon

This week I found out Rick Simon died. I was fortunate to collaborate with him on open source work and a hackathon and was always impressed with his rare ability to be a positive force for change. Above is a picture of Rick presenting at the end the Gray Area Foundation hackathon.

There is an event on March 4 in memory of Rick in San Francisco. Another good man has left us.