Not Just Who They Say We Are

Not Just Who They Say We Are from Phil Windley on Vimeo.

Heather Vescent produced this film about the Internet Identity Workshop. There are so many people over the years at IIW that have shared insights that I have been able to apply in my work related to digital identity. Even at the dinners, someone will tell a story or recommend a book that has changed the way I think about what is possible. My contribution to this film is actually an insight about privacy borrowed from Bruce Schneier who I was lucky to see speak in Austin three years ago.

Blog moved to Github Pages

I just moved my jekyll blog from my rackspace server to github pages to see if I can automate sending webmentions without using code on my own server and let Travis CI do that for me. The problem with my previous setup is that although it worked for me, the setup was not particularly easy and I would prefer using a setup I can recommend to others considering jekyll as an indieweb blogging tool.

The downside is that github pages does not seem to offer https for custom domains.